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Get ready to be inspired!

Melissa’s passion for people, personal growth and achievement are contagious. Whether it’s one on one or sharing her story with a large group, her honesty, sincerity, and experience are sure to change the room, impact and inspire.

Melissa is energetic, positive, realistic, and a fantastic role model for young people! She personalized her presentations for our small rural school and was awesome at connecting with all ages.

Lorna Hiemstra

Principal, Fort Assiniboine School

Melissa has a variety of experience sharing and adapting her story to positively and uniquely impact every audience from kindergarten students to seniors, schools, churches, business and community events settings. Her intentional approach to understand client vision, values and learning goals helps to tailor each experience to uniquely fit and impact every group. Let’s build an experience to inspire and motivate your community!

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